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Tills - Profile - Settings 3

Figure: Example Tills Screen

Random Weight Items

A random weight item is one that is weighed on scales, and the scale prints a label with the item PLU and sell price on it. The POS will scan that barcode to determine the item. The barcode that is printed is of a special format. Barcodes starting with 02 indicates that the barcode has a 4 digit PLU for the item. A barcode starting with 20 has a 5 digit PLU. Some countries can use additional prefixes. This section allows you to specify the prefixes that can be used for a barcode containing a 4 digit PLU and those containing 5 digit PLUs.

Prefix 3 Digit PLU

A comma-delimited list of the prefixes that are used for barcodes with 3 digit PLUs.

Prefix 4 Digit PLU

A comma-delimited list of the prefixes that are used for barcodes with 4 digit PLUs.

Prefix 5 Digit PLU

A comma-delimited list of the prefixes that are used for barcodes with 5 digit PLUs.

Verifier Digit

Item verifier digit. Basically another check digit but not needed or used for most modern scanners. If the option is turned on to ignore this digit, the price size will increase. Care must be taken when setting this parameter as very large prices will start appearing if certain products still contain/use the verifier digit.

Example:13 digit barcode made up of xx,iii,v,pppppp,c


Prefix, normally 02 thru 29.


Item code, length of which can now be 3, 4 or 5.


Item verifier digit.


Price, which the length will depend on the item code option + verifier mentioned above.


Check digit.



Currency Decimal



3 digits (001)

2 digits



3 digits (001)

3 digits



4 digits (0001)

2 digits



4 digits (0001)

3 digits



5 digits (00001)

2 digits



5 digits (00001)

3 digits



The implied decimal place for the currency is taken from the running applications currency settings. UK for example, will be 2 digits.

Multi User Sale

A prompt can be shown on the POS when pressing Payment that shows additional operators to the transactions for Split reporting purposes, that is a sale can be recorded to more than one person. The system requires MCS to function rather than at a local level. The receipt shows the additional operators in the receipt header.

Allow multi operator transaction

If checked on will allow the POS to accept multiple operators for a transaction.

Scale Settings

Both these settings are used by DYNAPOSTOUCH in relation to the selectable Tare Weights. The formatting of the Tare Weight value is displayed to match the decimal accuracy of the scale, and only Tare Weights which are divisible by the scale division will be displayed.

Accurate To

Allows the decimal accuracy (either 2, 3, or 4 decimal places) to be selected.


Allows the scale minimum unit division to be selected in accordance with the decimal accuracy.

External Gift Card Interface

These settings are used to support the Givex interface.

Max Topup

This is the maximum value that a card can be topped up by in a single transaction. This applies to Activation, Topup and Manual Adjustment operations.


Select to allow (Money) Stored Value functionality.


Select to allow Point functionality.

Receipt Barcodes

To support the printing of up to 3 customer-specific barcodes to the receipt footer, these settings allow you to map the required format to BARCODE1, BARCODE2 and BARCODE3 for the till. The special keywords <BARCODE1> and so on can then be added to the receipt definitions as required. The maintenance function (DataEntryItems.exe Barcode) defines the barcode formats including the required information.

Note this means that your POS must have a printer that supports barcode printing in the formats you are using and that you have the correct barcode escape codes set in POSPRINTER.

Format 1-3

Defines the barcode values (1, 2 and 3) to use for a specific till profile.


Select an option from the drop-down list as to when the KVS messages are sent to the device. Choose from: Send KVS messages immediately, when tender received, or on tender or Hold transaction.

Receipt Search

Added panel to select search options using PrePrint ID when Special Country Requirements is set to Taiwan and the Receipt Format is set to Taiwan Basic.

Do not use PrePrint ID for Receipt Search

When selected, in the POS sale the search is based on Receipt# or Trans#.

Use PrePrint ID instead of Receipt#

When selected upon searching in the POS, PrePrint is in the place of Receipt#.

Use PrePrint ID instead of Trans#

When selected upon searching in the POS, PrePrint is in the place of Trans#.

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